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Swiss Transfer Ticket

  • A round trip from any Swiss airport or border station to any destination in Switzerland.
  • Children under 16 travel for free.

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Take advantage of convenient roundtrip transfers from any Swiss airport or border city to any Swiss city with this ticket.

The Swiss Transfer Ticket will allow you to have a return trip between any Swiss border station or airport and your final destination.

It can be ideally used by travellers who are planning to stay in a ski resort or for those you are only interested in visiting one specific city.

Customer feedback A great experience
« My partner and I recently travelled return from Geneva to Zermatt and it is it such an easy thing to do and a great experience. Would definitely travel on Swiss Rail again. »

Bradley H

How does it work?

Rail Passes in 3 steps

1. Pick the right rail pass

Pick the right rail pass

Rail passes are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 country combinations for extensive travel on the national rail networks. Going for an extended trip? Try the Eurail Global Pass offering rail travel in 28 different countries.
Once you've selected your pass, its price will depend on the class of service, First or Second, selected and the number of rail travel days.

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2. Reserve your seats

Reserve your seats

Most trains in Switzerland do not require reservations. You can simply board with your rail pass and take any open seat.

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3. Activate and travel

Activate and travel

Your pass was pre-validated at the time of booking, it is now valid for use for the duration you selected. You're all set and ready to explore.

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More than just trains

And the Swiss Transfer Ticket is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. You'll get discounts on buses and trains or hotels or cruises or ferries or museums or activities, and more.
With the Swiss Transfer Ticket, the benefits like the connections it provides - are everywhere. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or avid planner, the Swiss Transfer Ticket is your pass to freedom and an unforgettable journey of discovery.

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From our travel community

Visp to zermatt - seat reservation Hi, I am looking at purchasing a Swiss Transfer Pass to travel to/from Zurich to Zermatt (arrive 10th June, depart 12th June). I want to reserve a seat from Visp to Zermatt, however, when I select this option I get a message saying "no schedules (...)

Susanne L. | 13 de marzu de 2016 answered | 2 Comments
Reserve seats on train zurich airport to zermatt I have a Swiss Transfer ticket and wish to reserve 5 seats on trains to and from Zurich Airport and Zermatt in January. Why can't i do this?

Kathy C. | 22 de payares de 2014 answered | 2 Comments
With a swiss transfer ticket, how do i know i will get a seat on the train of of my choice I have book Swiss transfer tickets for travel from Zurich Airport to Zermatt and back. How do I know I will get seats on the train of choice?

Kathy C. | 16 de payares de 2014 answered | 2 Comments
Hi, can i buy a swiss transfer ticket in konstanz germany? thank you. Can I buy it at Konstanz station?

Steve O. | 14 de xunu de 2014 answered | 2 Comments
Zurich to zermatt The Swiss Transfer ticket Zurich airport to Zermatt and return. When and how can you buy these tickets. Do they have seat allocations.

Frances M. | 2 de payares de 2013 answered | 0 Comments

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Overall rating (3)
  • Value for money
    A great experience |
    "My partner and I recently travelled return from Geneva to Zermatt and it is it such an easy thing to do and a great experience. Would definitely travel on Swiss Rail again. "

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