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Croatia is the fashionable destination for some years yet, and really deserves to be visited.

The national railway company of Croatia is known as Hrvatske željeznice, HŽ. The company operates nearly 3,000 km of tracks. Croatia has a dense railway network. Croatia plans to develop high speed tracks in the coming years, which would reduce the travel duration between main cities. Major routes in Croatia are Zagreb to Koprivnica, Zagreb to Oštarije and Rijeka, Oštarije to Split, Zagreb to Sisak and Zagreb to Varaždin.


Dalmatia is a one of a kind experience. Roman ruins are there, standing and looking at the bustling nightlife that takes place at its foot. Do not miss Split and the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Going there by train you will arrive right in the midst of the cities, so you can easily explore it taking your time.


If you like nature, the nearly 1800 km of coastline offer a sparkling sea and an amazing landscape. You can also go biking in Slavonia, a charming place to explore. If you prefer culture, hop aboard a train to Dubrovnik and enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Take Home

While you are in Dubrovnik, you can buy some jewels and find a lot of souvenirs shops. To go shopping the fashionable boutiques of Zagreb are perfect. If you are after some local wine, take a train to Peljesac Peninsula and bring back one of the finest bottle of Croatia.

Eat & Drink

Homebrews are a speciality Croatia can be proud of. Taste the Rijecko pivo in Rijeka or the Ožujsko in the capital. Take a train to Volosko and try the seafood, one of the finest one in Europe. And do not leave before eating some Pršut (dry smoked ham), with bread and Pag cheese.

New Perspective

In Zagreb, enjoy the theatre scene checking out the Croatian National Theatre, which is an amazing building with an interesting programming.

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