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  • Unlimited travel in Switzerland.
  • All-in-one ticket to travel by train, bus and boat.
  • Children under 16 travel for free.
  • Youth (16 - 25) discounts available
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The Swiss Travel Pass is the most complete rail pass to visit Switzerland. It allows you to travel on board trains but also buses and even lake ferries. Discover cities like Bern, Geneva, Locarno, Zurich and Lausanne.

With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can travel where you please, whenever you want! Take as many trains as you like, there is no limit on the distance you can travel in a day. The Swiss Travel Pass, to put it simply, is an all-in-one pass which offers unlimited travel at a fixed price!

Hop on hop off trains, buses and ferries to visit any place you want. The Swiss Travel Pass gives you access to all trains, but remember that premium trains require a seat reservation. The Things to know section explains everything you need to know about seat reservations.

Enjoy the bonuses which are included in the Swiss Travel Pass. You will get free public transportation, discounted city tours, free museum entrance, free ferry trips and more.

The Swiss Travel Pass is the key to have a hassle-free trip throughout Switzerland.

Another great thing about the Swiss Travel Pass is that it allows families travelling together to get a free Swiss Family Card. Children aged 6 to under 16 to travel free of charge with the Swiss Family Card.

More details

Switzerland is an invitation do discover the the best panoramic routes in Europe.The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland can be started from any city of Switzerland. In fact there is no set direction but instead a list of routes and cities which are suggested. The Grand Train Tour can be undertaken using Switzerland public transport and the Swiss Travel Pass.

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Things to know

Who can buy a rail pass?

Any person living outside the participating countries can use the Swiss Travel Pass. Please note that residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not eligible.

Seat reservation

To travel on board high speed and night trains, you need to book a seat reservation.

Seat reservations are compulsory on most premium trains and are a guarantee to get a seat or a sleeping berth. As a pass holder, you will only be charged a fraction of the usual standard fare.

In most cases, you can reserve your seat up to 90 days in advance. Don’t wait too long to book your seat. They are limited!
Book a seat reservation with Rail Europe.

Our tip:
As an alternative to high speed and night trains, you can travel on board regional trains. Most don’t require a seat reservation when you have a rail pass so you won’t have to pay any extra charge. Just sit back and relax!

More details

How to use a rail pass?

Open the link to see what a Swiss Travel Pass looks like.

Swiss Travel Pass

It is required that you start using your rail pass within 6 months of the date of purchase.

Travel day

A travel day starts from midnight and ends at midnight the next day. It lasts 24 hours. During that period, you can take as many trains as you want.


The validity is the number of travel days of a rail pass.
You can choose between flexible and consecutive validities.
Flexible validities allow you to choose which days you want to travel within the period covered by your rail pass.

E.g. For a rail pass with a validity of 5 days within 1 month. If you activate your rail pass on the 1st of the month, you can travel on the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 12th and 30th of this month.

Consecutive validities give you unlimited travel during consecutive days.

E.g. For a rail pass with a validity of 3 days continuous. By activating your rail pass on the 1st of the month, you can use it until the 3rd.

Rail pass benefits

Most rail passes include discounts and bonuses. Save money and make the most of your trip with your rail pass.
When available you will get hotel discounts, free entrance to museums, discounted boat trips and more.

Interactive Rail Map

The Interactive Travel Map will allow you to plan your trip easily in Europe. Type-in your itinerary or choose it directly from the map. You can even provide your travel dates to view trains and fares related to your itinerary.

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Reviews & ratings

Overall rating (94)

Value for money

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  • "Very convenient way to explore"    
    It was a very convenient way to explore Switzerland. Even though it was pricey and it would have been good if there was more discount offered. However, so far, it was great!    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Around Switzerland by Rail"    
    We travelled from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, Lauterbrunner, Bern, Murren, Montreux, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Zurich and Zurich Airport over 8 days. We also used our rail pass for Mt. Rigi (free with rail pass), to Jungfrajoch (25% discount with pass), Gornergrat (50% discount), Glacier Express from Zermatt to St. Moritz, Bernina Express from St. Moritz to Tirano (for a small fee)  
  • "Zurich to Interlaken "    
    So impressed with the Swiss rail system . Trains were clean ,punctual and clearly announced . It took a couple of minutes at Zurich station to find the office to get our tickets validated , but the lady was helpful and assured us that the train was on time etc. It departed on the dot and arrived in Interlaken at exactly the right time too . Amazing !    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Train tour in Switzerland"    
    We booked seats the Glacier Express to Chur, the Bernina express to Lugano, The William Tell Express to Lucerne, and the Golden Pass Route to Montreux. Some of that was difficult to book online and I had to resort to the phone. It would have been reassuring then to have an itinerary issued to join up the tour clearly and fill in the gaps where necessary. However we mapped it out ourselves and it all worked well with typical Swiss efficiency.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Swiss Travel Pass"    
    The Pass worked well providing great convenience and flexibility during our holiday in Switzerland. From the use we made, it represented great value for money.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Value for money"    
    We found the 4-day Swiss Travel Pass to be excellent value for money. The highlight was a trip along the Bernina Express route. We chose to use the local trains rather than the express because of opening windows which allowed better photographic opportunities. We were based in Zurich and took day trips to Bern, Lucerne and Schauffhausen. The travel pass also covered our boat trip across Lake Lucerne, the funicular up Rigi Kulm and local trams in Zurich. Many museums are also included. Highly recommended!    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Easy Travelling with SwissRail"    
    We purchased our 8 day Swiss Travel pass before we left Australia and although we left it a little late to do so the tickets arrived prior to our departure. The service was wonderful and that was just the start. As everyone says, the Swiss are so organised that the whole experience was a dream. We used the rail system to travel from Zurich to Wengen and return with many trips around the Jungfrau area during our stay. It was so convenient with the Travel Pass and the trains are so reliable that they are to time within a minute or two. We just bought the 2nd Class ticket and had no trouble finding a very comfortable seat on any occasion although we did travel out of peak time during the day. Even travelling with large cases was not a problem. Thoroughly recommend the Swiss Travel Pass as we obtained discounts on some trips not fully covered by the pass.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Swiss travel pass"    
    This card made travel on trains and light rail very user-friendly and convenient. The trains were clean, comfortable and ran on time. It was one less thing we needed to worry about. We were even able to have an entire day out on the boat, cog wheel train and cable car to Mt Rigi without additional charge. I would definitely use this pass again if traveling in Switzerland!    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Do your homework"    
    Swiss train travel is everything that you hear about. It is great, on time and a great way to travel. What I would recommend is seriously looking at what you will be doing as there are a number of local buses and trains that don't fit into the Swiss Pass. I had a 4 day pass and I selected badly for 2 days, because I didn't realise that a lot of the travel I was planning for those days was on private buses. Glacier Express and Golden Pass - brilliant - Jungfrau - Brilliant - BUT it isn't just the last bit of the train that isn't on the swiss pass - it is everything in the area. On the Glacier Express - STRONG recommendation to pre-order the "plate of the day". It was great. A couple near us didn't and they were very upset and in turn upset everyone else.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Too easy!"    
    A brilliant way to see an amazing country. The Swiss rail system is a fantastic engineering achievement on every level.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Brilliant choice"    
    I debated two things when first thinking about buying a rail pass for our trip to Switzerland 1. Would it be worth it and 2. First or second class? Well it was definitely worth it and travelling second class - apart from the fact that it's written on the outside of the carriage you wouldn't have known. Rail Europe offers great service    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Simplifying Travel"    
    The pass is a great way to get around Switzerland. No issues with purchasing individual tickets for trains, boats or buses. You just need to plan your use of the pass to ensure that you are getting real value from your purchase. If you are doing a reasonable amount of travel to various locations then it can be worthwhile.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Swiss Travel Pass"    
    For convenience, nothing can really beat the travel pass. During the quiet the season, as this was, even booking a seat on one of the longer bus journeys was instantaneous, and able to be done at the railway ticket office. For persons planning to travel longer distances on most days, even first class is exceptional value for Australians, although the $A / CHF exchange rate of late has not helped. In my case I stayed in just two locations in the country, necessitating quite a few long journeys but saving time on packing and moving to another location. All the ticket controllers on the trains are very polite, one even welcoming me to the country as a visitor. For my type of touring, the Swiss Pass is ideal although I gather that the longest period now available is 15 days. I used a one month pass for which the average daily rate is considerably less than that for the 15 day pass. With the $A and CHF, I doubt whether the 15 day pass would prove economical and thus it is unlikely that I would travel in CH again. Finally, in my opinion, first class is worth the extra cost, particularly if using the Zurich local trains in peak times.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Best way to travel"    
    This saved me so much hassle and stress!! Being able to get on nearly any train or bus was great!! Definitely a must for a month-long trip    Value for money  Convenience
  • "do it again"    
    Excellent value ...we had a four day first class pass .......and went on multiple trains, a boat trip, but did not have time to go to museums etc. By planning a day ahead, we secured timetable printouts of all the various train options, and completed the same route as Glacier Express route over two days, with multiple stops and excellent photo opportunities (we often had carriage to ourselves ) versus Glazier Express where passengers were packed in like sardines !!!    Value for money  Convenience
  • 0 15